As hydrogen continues to gain interest as a viable energy source for the transportation sector, we are seeking startup technologies to play an important role advancing the hydrogen value chain.

In addition, both Shell and Toyota seek meaningful partnerships with startup companies that can be integrated into existing systems and processes within their business activities and which fit within the broader hydrogen value chain.

Examples of relevant technologies may include, but are not limited to:



Startup technologies that promote cost reduction in the following areas

  • Reducing equipment capital costs for compressors, valves, manifolds, electrolyzers and high-pressure vessels for transportation of hydrogen

  • Reducing operating costs due to equipment failures

  • Streamlining construction of infrastructure through innovation in prefabricated materials, advanced materials or infrastructure development


Startup technologies that increase the reliability of hydrogen infrastructure and capabilities at a global scale

  • Technologies & capabilities to deploy a global reliability growth program

  • Software (global IT infrastructure, data management solutions) and/or AI (algorithms, methods, software) for predictive analytics and design improvements

  • “Bolt on” technologies that assist control systems to reliably operate process equipment

  • Technologies that increase safety and resilience


New capabilities

  • Technologies that enable heavy duty vehicle value chains (e.g. high capacity compressors/liquid pumps, station design optimization, etc.)

  • Technologies that enable dense energy carriers, simplify the H2 value chain (e.g. elimination of compression, ambient conditions H2 carriers small scale liquefaction, etc.)

  • Technologies that enhance cost effective distributed H2 generation systems